Excuse me, what is happening?

Hello there. I’m sorry to scare you like that. Where did you come from?

Maybe you slipped into a space vacuum, or stubbed your toe on a house vacuum (this is more common). You howled and cursed and stumbled and suddenly, you found yourself here. (Does it still hurt?)

Or maybe you were pretty sure you were being followed, you had that sick feeling in your stomach. So you just turned off at the first chance you got, your eyes trained on the rear view for those headlights. A pause, they passed. And you finally breathed, took your eyes off the mirror, and found yourself here.

Or maybe you were just on the subway, with a magazine or an ipod, bored in transit. You did the thing where you squinted your eyes and looked at the passing panels in the tunnel. From the fuzziness you drifted asleep, or maybe half asleep, only very briefly. When the train jerked or screeched, you awoke, you were embarrassed – were you snoring? Was your mouth open? Were you a drooling spectacle!?... But you weren’t even on the train anymore. You found yourself here.

Then again, maybe you were just using the internet.
However it happened, welcome.
My name is Hallie. You can say hi to me at hallie.bateman@gmail.com