I am so tired of not remembering my dreams. I'm going to have to start making them up.


further drawings from the climate march

I participated in the people's climate march in manhattan on sunday. I brought my sketchbook and recorded what I saw. Yesterday I shared some of these drawings, compiled into a comic for The Awl. Here are a few that didn't go into that story: 

this was by central park. my friend marge said "i have a friend who works with the horses. they are very well cared for."

she changed her chant to 'go puppy go' as a dog walked by

it seemed like we were marching for a very long time

barriers and exits

(another person drawing while walking!) 


At this time last year I was driving around Yellowstone with Adia. We thought about doing a trip again this year but the neither of us was really willing to buy a plane ticket to fly across the country. I just came across some notes and drawings from that trip and I feel like one of us should've sucked it up and gotten a ticket.

 It's so important to have long drives with your best friend.