Who reads the notes that note takers take?

Lists I had written in the margins of my notes for classes last semester (still not sure what the first one's about):

1. how to fire a crossbow
2. that it is wrong to wear pants
3. jujitsu
4. how to make meth
5. how to make bombs
6. to play harpsichord
7. to love Kenny G
8. to train carrier pigeons
9. make gang symbols w/ hands
10. to threaten children

I want to know why:
- that girl was eating her sandwich so slowly
- people own Chihuahua
- B. Spears is so insane
- Cats meow

Favorite Doodle: a newspaper with a huge headline: “Ocotpuses take the president”

One of my classes was an early morning anthropology class which consisted of myself and one other student. We were lectured in the cramped office of our professor, Margi. She was a terrible woman, and still called me by the wrong name at the end of the semester. I slept a lot of the time, and my notes were spiteful and often incoherent. Here's an excerpt:

“speaking of sense she makes NONE. So heavily deluded by what I can only assume is a dangerous combination of disappointment and pet dander. She’s probably been huffing both for years and hey, I’ve seen A&E intervention – shit like that causes brain damage.
“if someone brutally murders your pet, if you sue them, all you get back is the money you paid for the pet.” She believes you should get a million dollars and that person should be put in jail and tortured. Her voice got quite passionate as she said this – has she had personal experience with this? Perhaps her dog or cat was a big political leader and was assassinated or “taken out” by a sort of clandestine operation, and Margi tried to sue them for killing her Presidential dog and they just gave her $400. “I can’t get Mr. President back for $400!” she cried.
Yeah, it was based on personal experience.

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