I'm Not Choking, My Face Just Looks Like This

I’m only sputtering and grabbing at my throat because I’m nervous. I love you, Pierre. I’m so glad we’re here tonight, together at last. This year in Paris has been difficult without you. It’s just me and Suzy and Francis, and honestly Pierre, two miniature pugs are no fine company for a woman such as myself. And the children, away at school, send me just their report cards and I send them boxes of fudge and caramels and sweet candies and rich jellies and tarts. A family of our size, we must stick together. We must eat together. Stop that! Why are you looking at me like that? It’s quite hot in here and I’m just massaging the pecking duck down my esophagus. No, no don’t get the waiter. Stop that, Pierre! I’m trying to tell you I love you!

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  1. after reading this one thought came to my head: Courtney