A Dream from Mid November

I am standing at my kitchen sink, where the window overlooks the community garden across the street from my house. A girl’s funeral is taking place in the garden, and I walk over to see what it is about. I have never been to a funeral. At first, I hang on the outskirts of the crowd, feeling unbearable sadness. But then I get closer and see that she has so many friends there. I start crying. A priest is leading the ceremony and talks about her, and her friends are all very colorful. I sit on a ledge next to two girls, who joke and laugh. Their presence comforts me. As the priest speaks, I see that they haven't dug a hole for the coffin – it is just sinking down into the mud. The priest says that they are going to do an experiment. They are going to bury her in the garden to see what grows.

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