Hallie Bateman's Patented Extreme Dating Questionnaire!

This is the BEST dating questionnaire in the whole world! Has someone caught your eye but you're just not sure if you can date them because of who they hang out with, the brand of clothes they wear, or the fact that you are from rival families who are sworn enemies for generations? This questionnaire will surely make you and your potential date forget all of these interferences and get down to solving the real issues: do we each think the other is nice to be around? Or do we think the other is dreadfully not nice to be around?? or are we both just bored and would like to fill out this delightful questionnaire???
Here I give you exclusive access -- use it well! Make sure you and your date are compatible with Hallie Bateman's Patented Extreme Dating Questionnaire!

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  1. haha, this is hilarious hallie! I will definitely use it in the future.