A Bedtime Story / A Vocabulary Lesson

Word of the day:reckoning: an accounting, as for things received or done, an appraisal or judgment.

Used in a sentence: "Gumby showed up at the portal to the afterlife to witness the reckoning of his soul, which took the divine form of a single dry pinto bean. Gale Tomlinson, a retired librarian, worked part time as keeper of these heavenly gates and not having eaten since breakfast, she mistakenly ate poor Gumby's dry little soul and sent him straight to hell, where he melted quickly in the heat and was mistaken for a rare type of dragon fungus and sprayed with a violent pesticide. This, children, is how Gumby Demon came to return from the underworld seeking revenge on humanity and probably why he comes when you are asleep and sucks out your brain with his mutant tenticles."

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  1. your vocab lessons are the best. i look forward to them always.