Mystery of the Pay Phone Pervert

Walking in the student union building of my school yesterday I passed by a pay phone and it started to ring. I picked it up, and the caller said,

“Hey, I’m looking to get an unbiased opinion about this idea for a show I have. Can I tell you about it?”

I was really overjoyed, “yes! I’d love to hear about it!”

“Okay, well, it starts with my wife, our two kids, and the family dog on stage. My wife bends over and we start to do it doggy style. The kids are watching and get really confused, ‘what’s going on?’ they ask. ‘No, this is a learning experience, you guys try it too. So then the dog walks over–”

I stop him there. “To be honest with you, I really don’t like this idea so far.”

“Why not?” he asks, “nobody likes my idea!”

“Well, it’s really vulgar,” I say, “it sounds like a porno.”

“Do you at least want to hear the name of the show?” he asks.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“The Aristocrats.”

I start laughing. He hangs up.

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