Can't Put My Finger On It

Stranger: Hey, what do you think of that lamp?

You: It’s okay I guess. Why?

Stranger: Well I just think it’s a bit orange, see? And with the fog, it’s making this whole street rather murky and melancholy and it’s creating this whole spooky mood that I don’t really like. Kind of eerie, like something bad is going to happen, a gut feeling.

You: Eh, yeah... I guess…

Stranger: Do you get that same feeling?

You: Well, yeah, but not quite exactly from the lamp. It’s more like, I get that feeling from the fact that it’s midnight and you’re standing in those bushes wearing a cape and holding a garbage bag full of something… what are those? Feathers?

Stranger: Oh yeah, they’re eagle feathers. But yeah, also, there’s a gun in my other hand, see?

You: Yep, yep. I had seen the metal glistening when your cloak fluttered in the wind.

Stranger: Gahh… man, what a weird night! I can’t get over this feeling! It’s super spooky!

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