The Part

In my movie,
i want you to play an alligator.
scales, brownish green slimey flesh.. you're perfect for the part
Looong rows of sharp yellow teeth.
a sly eye and a nosey sneer.
in the movie you keep your babies in your mouth
it’s a morning like any other – doing errands,
you run to the bank to deposit some checks.
as you walk up to the counter you engage in polite conversation with the bank lady.
as you talk, your babies slither from your mouth and down your chin and your yellow sweater-set.
they climb all over the bank cashier lady as she talks to you
they get dirt all in her makeup, claw her skin
she pretends not to notice
she keeps smiling, and you see her pin reads : we guarantee flawless customer service.
goddamn, she's good
you think,
as one of your many children begins to nest and tear at her finely curled hair
i'm gonna stick with this bank
you think,
they've really got this down.
i am one satisfied customer.

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