1. Tea in Jars and 2. A Notebook Excerpt

If I have you over to my house for tea, and the hot water is ready, and I am just searching around the kitchen earnestly, and you wonder why I don't just use any one of the many clean mugs in the cabinet, and after all my rummaging I pull out a mason jar - know that this is a sign that I respect you, and you are very dear to me. When you pour tea in jars, you can watch it turn its rusty color and feel it very snug in your hands, and the shape is so much more natural than a glass, and if the water is hot enough it burns your hands just the same. It is extremely pleasant and it reminds me of home and it means I like you.

Today was absolutely beautiful, perfect autumn weather. I sat with Caitlin in her back yard with lots of dandelions and slugs and paint and ink. Finally took some time to forget school draw and paint and relax and it was the greatest. I did some doodles in my red notebook, which is just where I write anything that I want to remember or just when I need paper.

the writing below the bird is from the time I tried to prove to Monica that all Russian names sound the same forward as backward. They don't really, unless you say them really really fast.

which i do.

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