A Textbook Case

Karen: Don, how am I to know you even love me any more?

Don: Why, Karen! I took you out to dinner not two weeks ago. What more is needed to express my marital devotion?

K: You never tell me I'm pretty any more.

D: You don't wear much makeup any more.

K: Did you remember to pick Nathan up from the laundromat?

D: How many times must I tell you, the laundromat is not the same as day care!

K: Stop skirting my question! You forgot to pick him up again, didn't you?

{Nathan enters}

Nathan: Hi mom and dad. Nobody got me so I walked home.

K: Nathan, sweetie. Why are you so filthy? Didn't you just come from the day -- I mean dry cleaners?

N: Well I walked home through the mud. And besides, I didn't have any quarters.

D: Son, I am so ashamed! I have failed to display my parental affection for you by providing you with money. I am such a terrible father!

N: You are.

D: Ha-ha!

N: You really are.

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