"College" discovered to be word

I was recently editing an article by one of my writers (I'm the editor of the humor section at my school paper) and multiple times in the story, the word "college" was used. In one sentence, no matter how I changed it around, it didn't feel quite right. Then the more I looked at it the more I felt certain there was no such word as "college" at all, and it was slang, it wasn't even part of the english language, it was entirely fabricated by this shabby writer who thought it clever to use fake words. Miserable layman! Unacceptable! I thought. This is higher education journalism! Or... no:  University Journalism!... no, that's not quite right...
After looking it up in the dictionary and finding that yes, "college" is indeed a word, I was made to come to terms with the fact that I am a senior. English major. About to graduate from college.
And I'm not entirely sure that "college" is even a word.

God, I hope the registrar never reads this.

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