La Fiesta

A few weeks ago a friend of ours brought a pinata for my brother Nick as an early birthday present. They hung it in the back yard and Nick found a pole (a long metal one usually used to gather spider webs) and proceeded to beat the pinata on the ground to collect its sweet guts. I was not there, but as the story goes, the tip of the pole snapped mid-pummel and flung up and went through Nick's lip and he had to go to the hospital and get four stitches. I went home for fall break after hearing this story, and found this pinata hanging in the back yard from a clothes line wet with raindrops. He was using colorful streamers to soak up his tears.
"It's okay little buddy," I said, "Nick was trying to tear you open and eat your insides. You don't have to feel bad that he got hurt in the process."


  1. I regret to say that it was I who brought this evil pinata into your home. I am glad he is showing signs of sadness at the near destruction of your brother.
    You have recollected the story just as it unfolded in front of my watery eyes that afternoon.
    Now I follow your blog and hope one day to meet you on The Hill or elsewheres.

  2. thanks, i hope to meet you someday as well!