Introducing: The S'moreo

me: "Do you understand?"
mom: "Yes. Can you hear me eating cheez-its?"
me: (long sustained laughter)
mom: "Oh! By the way, I've invented something. I could hardly wait to tell you. It's taken two days to perfect. It's called The S'moreo."


you will need:
- oreos
- marshmallows
- chocolate chunks (NOT chips, chunks) 
- unyielding devotion to the joys of chocolate

1. pull oreo apart, with the frosting on one side and the other side clean. 
2. take marshmallow and cram it with chocolate chunks.

3. stick the marshmallow on the frosted half of the oreo and stick the other half on top.
4. microwave for five or ten seconds until the top cookie pops off, then replace it on the marshmallow and microwave it for five or ten more seconds until the marshmallow fuses perfectly with the frosting, achieving "the best taste sensation you can imagine".
5. congratulations! you have made a s'moreo! how does it feel? somehow disgusted with yourself? 

6. well, thank my mother. 
7. and keep it to yourself. this is going to make her a very wealthy woman.

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