the hillside behind the house after days and days of rain

down the icy driveway, peeking over the pasture fence 

walking across the table-shaped mountain which is called Table Mountain, 
where we watched for wild tables 
but saw none.


me: awe cute! you have elbow patches on your sweater!  Hold still, let me get my camera, I want a picture.

dad: Hallie, I'm on the phone.

me: they're so adorable, where did you get them? *snaps picture

dad: They put them on at the dry cleaners --  Hallie, let me talk, will ya?

mom: (on the phone): what?

me: Wait, did you specifically get them for style purposes?

dad: no, the elbows were worn down and this way you get a few more years out of the sweater.

me: wow... *snaps picture

mom: (on the phone): what?!

me: that's so great!

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  1. HA. two can play the comment game, halith. that's right.

    your dad's face makes me laugh and laugh because you can tell he's like "stop. i'm on the damn phone"