Thank you, sweaters!

This has been the longest winter ever recorded. It has been about nine years, I believe, since it has been anything but winter. I have survived mainly through never going outside, ever,  but also by my collection of socks, hats and sweaters. I have immense gratitude for these things. 

No, they do not keep me warm. I am freezing all the time. But they try.

I get very attached to sweaters, and wear favorites until the buttons fall off, or paint stains them terribly, or the threads start to come apart. I know a sweater will be a favorite if it is just slightly off - if the arms are too wide or short, or the collar is too tight, or if it just seems pretty ugly to me, but in an endearing way. Here are some current favorites.

 my lady from the seventies sweater, which is great to wear while watching Harold & Maude, wearing orange velvet bell bottoms, dancing dorkishly, etc.

 big green sweater. could fit 2 average people in it if necessary. or one average person with a backpack on. or one huge person and one really small person. or three really small people if one agreed he/she didn't care about arm holes. or a weimaraner (like in william wegman's awesome photographs). a universal sweater, if you will.

the wolf sweater, a classic, a work of art.

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