Hand made gifts

The most memorable gifts are certainly those made by hand, and those that are really shiny and extremely expensive. I have been lucky enough to receive a few of the former:

The Pie Bandit, sewn by my brother Ben. The Bandit is a superhero somewhat like Robin Hood: he steals pies from other, less worthy people and gives them to me. Yes, that is a pie attached in his right hand. You can kinda tell, but he also has a cape.

My friend Kyle made this awesome sunflower entirely, it seems, from office supplies. The stem is the bent wires of a spiral bound notebook, and petals and leaves are the bent casings of erasers from pencils. It is one of the few sunflowers that can survive entirely without the sun.


My little brother Nick made this ceramic doll/rattle shaped like a little monkish-character. It fits perfectly in your hand and it makes everyone happy. I imagine if a baby saw it they would be really happy, because babies love rattles and it wouldn't fit in their mouth so they couldn't choke on it. I know babies worry about that a lot.

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