Sean Adams (a writer for Bygone!) recently commissioned this piece for his lovely girlfriend Emma, who is an aspiring librarian. Now that her birthday has passed, I can finally share pictures!

before color:
I was so excited to draw about libraries! Although I had traumatizing childhood experiences returning books WAY too late and invoking librarian-wrath, I still love libraries. You are almost guaranteed to encounter someone like you in a library, or someone you like, even if its just someone in a book. It was fun to just think about libraries more and imagine what Emma must love about libraries, since she wants to spend her life in them... The one thing I knew she must love: books!

after color:

I loved adding little details to all the books and imagining what they might be about. An ink blob caused the big black book to the left of the window... Although it was initially a mistake, I was fine with it because I imagined it was something creepy and awesome like the magic spell book from hocus pocus.
Also: I also embedded framed portraits in the bookshelves of a few of Emma's favorite authors (and a few just generally great ones). They're pretty small but see if you can spot them and guess who they are!

the final version:

The whole piece took about 13 hours and was so much fun to make! Commissions are basically my favorite. I absolutely love creating something with one particular person in mind.
I am currently accepting commissions, so if you're interested, email me! hallie.bateman@gmail.com

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