Kids with sticks

A conversation I had tonight with a little kid in a taqueria, after I walked in with a small branch I carried with me from the cemetery.

boy: "can I have your stick?"
me: "sure, take it."
"what's it for?"
"I dunno, its good as a walking stick. Or for hitting strangers."
"why would I do that?"
"well, only if they deserved it, I guess. You know, evil people, people who've wronged you...."
"But don't poke anyone in the eye. No eye poking."

Ben: "oh my god, Hallie, you should never talk to kids."
me: "he's awesome though!"
ben: "hey see? You met a man!"

Boy: "so.. where did you find it?"
me: "I got it from the cemetery."
"the summertary?"
"yes, the summertary."
"it's a really long stick."
"yep. and it's all yours. Go crazy."

boy, smiling, walks away with stick.

(moments pass)

the boy's mom, heard across the restaurant: "who gave him a stick!?"

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