Poem for February

February, February, month I hate
you hold everyone captive for 29 days
each one a disappointment
in a thousand ways

If i could induce a coma
i'd do it for you
extended unconsciousness
might be the best way through. 

you are the shortest month
(and I hate things that are short)
if you were my baby
i'd choose to abort

this silly valentines crap
is just the cherry on the pie
buy into it?
i'd rather poke out my eye

February, February
you deformed little child
to call you "different" or "special"
would be especially mild.

you've given me a lot of shit through the years
don't think i've forgotten
but i suppose i should say
you're not all the way rotten

February, February, month I hate
i'll admit this time you were pretty great

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