Games I Played As A Girl

I dug holes on a beach by myself. 
I spied on the cats and took copious notes. 
I built a spaceship in the attic.
I went to space. My son went to space. 
I gave interviews as both mother and son. 
I co-founded a secret organization on the hillside by the powerlines. 
I was a rabbit in the snow. 
I was a Persian cat on a Persian rug. 
I was a mouse in an airport. 
I locked my daughter in my mansion’s cupboard when my gentleman suitor was visiting. 
I peddled scrap parts from a junk yard with my buddy Jim. 
I was a destitute pigshit farmer on a muddy beach. 
I was an extremely obese Hispanic woman owning an Italian restaurant. 
I headed an illegal pot growing operation. I also smuggled cocaine. 
I led witch-hunts. 
I invented a language. 
I went back in time, kidnapped and cryogenically froze famous historical figures.
My best friend was Count Dracula. 
I had a magic remote control that could grant wishes. 
I held funerals for bugs I found deceased in spiderwebs. 
I narrated the life of an invisible giant who inhabited our world, unseen by everyone else. 
I was on a game show where girlscouts are set in cutthroat competitions against each other. 
I was a zookeeper. 
I was an emergency veterinarian. 
I was a pokemon trainer. 
I danced with emus. 
I spoke with roosters.
I interviewed my dalmation on a talk show.

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