Projet en Vue collaboration

I learned about Projet en Vue a few months ago, when I randomly met Sati in a coffee shop in Oakland. He told me that he and his partner were interviewing people in Oakland, collecting their stories.
Once I saw their website and what they were doing, I knew I wanted to contribute. My opportunity came this last week when they had their first show at the Macarthur B Arthur Gallery. I created some illustrations incorporating Sati's photography and sections of the interviews. 

Here are some of them! Below each one is a link to the person's interview on the projet en vue site. 






The show went really well, with an amazing response from the community. I love living in Oakland and I'm excited to keep working with Sati, Saskia & friends! Check out the Projet en Vue kickstarter and stay tuned on the website for more info on what's to come. 

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