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One time on Okcupid I messaged this guy who was really fashionable-but-dorky seeming. He worked at a fashion company or something. He was asian and seemed to have really good taste in hats. 
It was like 2 am. (On Okcupid it is always 2 am.)
I sent him a message suggesting that we meet in person. I said that we each bring something of ours that was broken, to see if the other person could fix it. It could be cool I said, unless your arm is broken or something, cuz "I'm not a doctor."
I suggested that in the alternative, we could each bring something for the other person to destroy. I’m pretty sure I gave a lot of examples. I’m pretty sure one of them was a watermelon and one of them was a bicycle.
He never wrote back. I think certain sections of the message could have been interpreted as threatening. 

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