Some Notes from THE MEETING

One time I was at my friend's house, and all of her best friends from high school were there. This super tight-knit group of girls. They all crowded into one room and announced that a meeting was about to take place.

I got SO excited. This is the meeting I've always wanted to attend, I thought. The one where we just stop everything, stop holding up this crazy facade and investigate and ask questions about 


I waited for the 'meeting' to begin, thinking of everything we would talk about, trying to organize in my head all the questions I had. 

I waited and waited, until I realized this was the meeting. Just everyone hanging out. No organized discussions of existential questions. No wide-open pondering. 

What was I thinking? No such meeting exists, I thought. 

BUT I WAS WRONG. On Friday, July 13th I was visited by my friend Kara. 
I opened the door and there she was, with a stack of hats and printouts and folders and an AGENDA. We got to ask questions and answer questions and think and. And it was perfect. 

Here's some notes I took. 

There will be more meetings. Possibly to be held each Friday the 13th. 

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  1. all these posts. good...your blog is becoming transcendent