Ben and Hallie go to Las Vegas

 me:  hey ben
what if the freaky friday thing happened to us
 Ben:  what?
Also, please check in to your flight tonight
 me:  like we switched bodies
i was in your body
crazy right
 Ben:  hey
ok, I am checking in for uis
 me:  oh
for me too?
 Ben:  you're good with 1 carry on and one personal item, right?
Yeah, I guess we have the same ticket
 me:  Yep
 Ben:  ok, good
 me:  lets switch bdoies for the trip
lets freaky friday
 Ben:  ok
I'm printing our boarding passes
 me:  Ok
thanks responsible brother
 Ben:  ok, let's not freaky friday
 me:  what
why not
 me:  is it because its not friday yet
 Ben:  yeah, also look what I have done to this body
don't put me in charge
 me:  It'd only be for the weekend
how much could you fuck up?

 me:  I'd take your body and go do huge cannonballs in the pool
I'd be such an asshole
now you see why I am me
 me:  I'd hit on so many women, too. I'd be like, "did you see that cannonball I just did?"
 Ben:  haha
oh hey SO
I'd also get you a nose piercing probably, since it's Vegas and you only live once.
 Ben:  HEY SO
 me:  I'd spend your savings
at the slot machines
 Ben:  I am getting on a Pittsburd/Bay Point BART at civic center at 4:10
 me:  And even if I lost I'd say really awful stuff like "KA-CHING"
And I'd probably wear a gold chain necklace.
 Ben:  And at the airport at 5ish
we should coordinate, as I have your boarding pass
 me:  I'd hit on MILFs who are like, there with their baseball-hat-wearing husbands
I'd be really sleazy
and act like i didn't know who was a hooker
and who wasn't.
 Ben:  hallie, you are lliterraly laying out my plans for vegas
come on.
 Ben:  oh, fine
let's try it
 me:  Sweet,
We'll get chinese food at the airport
 Ben:  good
I sm going to go pack
 me:  It's been great planning this trip with you.

I'll let you guys know how it goes.  

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