The Pokemon Fortune Teller

I love to make fortune tellers. They're an amazing form of art - writing, drawing, & origami combined (and you get to use them with your friends.) Recently I decided to add Pokémon into the mix.

Here's how it works:

The person chooses a pokemon from the main 4.

spell the pokemon's name, then they choose a pokéball/number:

count to that number, then they choose again: 

Open the number they chose, and they've caught a pokémon! Might be an awesome one or a lame one - it's satisfying and random, kinda like walking through the grass in Pokémon Blue version.

It was fun choosing which ones to put inside. Snorlax was an obvious choice. Look how effing cute and fat he is. 

Just playing around but I'm definitely gonna make more of these. Maybe this can be imrpoved upon... Maybe there's a better system than the pokéball/number thing. Make your own! Let me know! 

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