california on a six-inch screen

Mounting 'why did i ever leave California' feelings reached a pinnacle today when my the screen on my elliptical machine at the gym played footage of idyllic Northern California hiking trails. I was horrified that I could see the forest but not be in it. I was horrified to know exactly what it smells like but not be able to smell it. I kept swiping it away but it kept coming back. 

I left California behind, having faith that every city, every place has it's own sort of beauty to offer. I still believe that. But I'm insulted by this machine, it's assumption that everyone here wishes they could be transported to California, if even just for a little while. Even on a six inch screen. 

People in California want to be in New York. People in New York want to be in California.  Why does everyone always want to be somewhere else? 

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  1. Dar Williams was right when she sang, Southern California wants to be Western New York"