Letter from the Circus: #2

Dear Mother,

When I ran away to join the circus I never imagined a place like this. Every night, the show closes up, and the clowns have sweated off their disguises to reveal something much more gruesome – hateful drunks, users, dirtbags -- the sludge of humanity; Men whose false red noses merely function to conceal their hollow, coke- inflated schnozzes.

Mother, I can no longer stand this place. The lack of soap, the smell of mud and straw, sex and death permeate everything. I have seen how they make the rainbow lollipops, mother, and it’s not how anybody thinks.

Please come take me home, and I shall clean my room and your room and every room, forever, for sheer gratitude for the fact that it is not elephant shit that has soiled the floor.

Your Distant Son,


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