Francis and Henri Collect the Eggs

There's clearly a magic chicken involved in this story. I think the chicken's name is Count Flannery and he defies all the rules of gravity and also knows how to surf. This will be an endearing story which is then made into a major motion picture called Flannery which will be followed by Flannery II: The Quest for the Nest, and finally Flannery III: The Pecking Order which will be the most successful and of course, most violent of the three films. Flannery will be played by Daniel Radcliffe who will call it his most challenging role yet. He covers his body in feathers and lives with chickens for a month to prepare for the part.
He tells Oprah, "I've got the magic part down from my role in the Harry Potter films. It's the chicken part that I really struggle with." Oprah feeds him chicken seed from her open palm. He eventually wins an Academy Award for Flannery III: The Pecking Order.

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  1. THAT was so hilarious! I need to soundproof my cubicle!
    Oh, found your blog thanks to the sketches you did for the Bygone Bureau