This is a draft of a logo for a new, quite important organization my friend Monica and I have come up with. It is called the United Sweater Exchange, or USE. USE is designed for those who understand just how important sweaters are.
          Lets say you have 6 sweaters. One of them you do not wear so much any more because it is itchy and has lost its charm, although you found it very charming at first and endured the itchiness because of this, and although it does not make you happy you are sentimentally attached to it because it is an important sweater, and you can't really see just getting rid of it because suddenly there would be a hole in your sentimental sweater family.
          6 sweaters would suddenly be 5, and that would be hard on you and the other sweaters, and you would regret it forever and ever, and you'd be certain that someone was out there wearing your sweater and putting sauce on the collar or carelessly using it to dry off their wet dogs or something equally disrespectful, and these images would torture you for an eternity and you'd be up late at night hugging your other sweaters and tearfully trying to explain to them where the yellow one went.
          Here is where USE comes in! We provide a sweater database where you can exchange sweaters with someone in your similar situation, and the story ends with you having a new (to you) sweater that is special to you and charming and awesome. And you are comforted with the knowledge that your sweater has gone to a home where it will be appreciated and grow up to be a cape or a jacket (or whatever sweaters grow up to be). Although the organization is in its early stages, already, 100% of our exchanges have been completely successful.

I think our motto will be Keep Your Sweater Family Happy. Use USE.
or something to that effect.

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