Hallie: hellooo!

Alice: Hello

Hallie: Hey there! remember me?

Alice: vaguely

Hallie:I used to babysit you when you were little.
You probably don't really remember me
I didn't have a beard back then
i'm a bit heavier set now
You sure have grown up
You used to be such a little brat.
You seem like you're less of a brat now
But i can't be too sure, i've only been talking to you for a few seconds.
You used to take sips of my beers remember?
One time I just gave you a beer.
You didn't really like it….
Say, I'm having trouble finding a job..
You don't by any chance need a babysitter do ya?
Of course I'd have to charge you more than I did when you were 6
you're a lot more to handle now, if you know what i mean!
heh heh

Alice: are you done yet?

Hallie: yeah.
how are you?