Crime and Cowardice in Weed, California

Attention followers.
Several weeks ago I found myself at the wheel of a sweet little beige honda civic, nibbling on a slightly stale donut, glorying in the combination of speed and danger and breakfast pastries. I was going 85 in a 75 zone on the freeway as I passed by the stunning metropolis that is Weed, Califronia. Before I knew it, police lights were flashing in my rear view. I immediately slowed to about 55, almost teared up, screamed to my  brother Nick "OH MY GOD THE PIGS ARE COMING FOR ME I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN OH MY GOD."
While the details of my encounter with The Law (and my personal humiliation) are not suitable for publication, suffice it to say that it did not go quite so well and I was given a citation and charged a fee and sentenced to traffic school.

I immediately fled the country altogether. I am running from my punishment just as I have run from small children, the mere prospect of square dancing, and charging billygoats. I have determined that I must find a country that can accomodate my Need for Speed. I will be traveling throughout Europe for the next couple months and will likely not update too often (I don't want to risk the police tracing my location.) BUT in the meantime, you can take a look at my sparklish new website which now fully exists just as much as the next website! But is better about it. More chill. http://halliebateman.com/

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