You are a cat and I am a dog

Yesterday was my darling friend Alice's birthday. Alice is the most joyful and shiny human being. She's so shiny, in fact, that nesting birds often try to pick her up to decorate their nests. No bird has been actually strong enough to carry her off (yet). Regardless, it's pretty frightening for Alice, and I usually chase them away while barking like a dog. 

Which brings me to my next point: Alice is a cat and I am a dog and we are friends. I made some art which reflects this.

That's dog-me on the left, cat-Alice on the right.
 This is actually how we dress/seem most of the time to me. 
This might be the 'cutest' thing i have ever drawn while remaining sincere. 
This is very surreal for me.
[inspiration clearly from Arthur & Bearenstein bears]

I was lucky enough to spend Alice's birthday with her yesterday. We hung out with her family, went to the skatepark, painted our nails, had a bonfire, ate fruit gushers, melted crayons, and played Fax Machine, the greatest game ever. 
(fax machine is basically what it sounds like - picture telephone. one person writes a sentence, the next person must draw that sentence. the next person writes a sentence based on the drawing, and so on.)
Here are some highlights from our game:

[sentence by matt, drawing by hallie]

[sentence by alice, drawing by collin]

[sentence by hallie, drawing by Ben]

In summary, dogs and cats can be friends and fruit gushers are really really good. love you alice!

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