My Other Job

Nick's friend Jonathan asked me what my job was, and this conversation ensued:

[sorry you might have to click on images to read them]

Nick and I have a long history of messing with Jonathan. Years ago, when I was about to meet Jonathan for the first time, Nick warned me he had been convincing him for months that I was crazy and did a lot of drugs:
"One time Jon was over, and he saw these needles on the counter that mom had used to vaccinate the cats. He asked what they were for, and I said, 'god, my sister is always leaving these around...'"
I was excited that this persona of me existed, so when I met Jon, I put on a little show. I was really jittery and spaced out. When he tried to introduce himself, I kindof shrugged it off and acted like we had met before. Midway through a conversation I started to insinuate that he owed me money. 
"He's really scared of you," said Nick afterwards.
Then I spent a long time, like a year or so, convincing him that I didn't do tons of drugs. 

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